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Complete Dentures: The Process, Steps, and Results

ByOrlando Orthodontics

Mar 11, 2024

This video focuses on making complete dentures. A physician walks you through the entire process, from knowing what needs to happen to putting the dentures in. The doctor explains the two types of impressions that dentists take: diagnostic and primary. A diagnostic impression determines whether any surgery is necessary.

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Meanwhile, doctors make a primary impression after the surgery.

You’ll learn how to make a custom tray to take an impression of your mouth. He also goes over how to do peripheral tracing, which is an outline of the outside of your mouth. Once the impression is complete, they make a cast of your mouth. The cast helps make the complete denture. Another thing covered by the physician is how to make the rims. These parts fit against the gums and lips.

Once the rims are ready, they’re put in your mouth to see if they fit right. At this point, the dentist checks how your lips look and move with the dentures in. Then, small tracers get attached to the denture to track your jaw movements. These tracers help program an articulator, a fancy machine mimicking how your jaw moves.

You’ll be asked to move your jaw in certain ways. The tracers record these movements since they help program the articulator. With the articulator programmed, they add the teeth to the complete denture. The dentist will position and shape the teeth to make sure they bite together properly and look natural.


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